The mission of Cascade AIDS Project is to prevent HIV infections, support and empower people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, and eliminate HIV/AIDS-related stigma.

HIV By The Numbers

HIV By The Numbers


Dee Dee

is over 50, HIV-positive, and transgender. She recently moved to Oregon from the Deep South where, having been born a male, Dee Dee feared revealing her HIV status or expressing her true self as a woman. Determined to make a fresh start, she moved to Portland and contacted CAP. CAP found Dee Dee an apartment, helped her find work, and got her started on classes to take her GED. Over the next few months, Dee Dee felt more and more comfortable expressing herself as a woman. Now more than ever, she’s a real inspiration. Her enthusiasm encourages other participants in our employment program, Working Choices, to change their own lives for the better.

Dee Dee
Jennifer Jako

Jennifer Jako

CAP is honored to have on its board a national HIV/AIDS activist, Jennifer Jako. In sharing her own story of being HIV positive, Jennifer has been featured on the cover of Newsweek and in The New York Times, USA Today, and The Oregonian, as well as on the Jenny Jones Show, the Discovery Channel, Lifetime Television, and in a 2013 video about women and HIV hosted by Alicia Keys. Jennifer is grateful to give back to the community as a CAP Board Member.


One night as Boone was conducting HIV tests in Pivot, Cory came in. In the testing room, Cory was so nervous he was nearly sick. He had taken sexual risks in his past, but now he was settled into a relationship and wanted to know his status. His new partner, Jacob, was waiting outside. While they waited for the results of the test, Boone coached Cory about how to talk about STDS and HIV with Jacob – a subject Cory and his partner had barely broached. When Cory received his test result showing he was HIV negative, he was elated and called out for his partner to come into the testing room. Boone referred Cory and Jacob to CAP’s new program, Testing Together, where they could be tested for HIV together and take part in a facilitated discussion about sexual health and risk.

Given that each relationship carries its own spoken—and unspoken—rules, being able to discuss expectations and negotiate intimacy going forward is one of the most powerful tools a couple can have to protect themselves against HIV. Cory and Jacob left smiling, hand in hand.


Alazar Manning

Community involvement comes in many shapes and sizes. Since 2009, 13-year-old Alazar Manning has been one of CAP’s top fundraisers, raking in more money each successive year to support his AIDS Walk Portland Team, the A-Team. This year, he raised an amazing $10,625.

Alazar was born in Ethiopia and came to the United States seven years ago. When he discovered HIV had affected his family, he began learning about the virus. Knowledge and compassion turned practical: he became determined to raise money to prevent the further spread of HIV. Thank you, Alazar!

Juanita & Marneet Lewis

Since 2009, Juanita and Marneet Lewis, a mother and daughter team, have volunteered at the CAP Art Auction and at AIDS Walk Portland. They’re ready to pitch in with whatever needs their special touch, whether it be wrapping art to pick up, tearing down the tents at AIDS Walk, or being route monitors. Little did this year’s Art Auction patrons know that the charming young woman who greeted them—Marneet—is the reigning Miss Earth Oregon!


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Program Highlights

Prevention & Education
By The Numbers

  • 3,543 HIV testing and counseling sessions—a 13% increase over last year—with a seropositivity rate of .93%.
  • 556 syphilis tests administered by CAP, with a 4.4% seropositivity rate.
  • 3,510 youth engaged in educational conversations about healthy sexuality.
  • 71 Speakers Bureau presentations educated 2,804 people and raised awareness of HIV/AIDS.
  • 863 phone calls and 7,202 online visitors sought information through the Oregon HIV/STD Hotline.
  • 4,625 gay and bisexual men—a third of whom were people of color—visited Pivot for 130 social and 113 educational events.

Speakers Bureau

For many middle and high school students, John Motter is the first person they have seen openly living with HIV/AIDS. John tells them about his own experience living with the virus, including showing them the number of medications he takes daily and answering their questions about its impact on his life. He explains how HIV is transmitted and how they can protect themselves. For these youth, John turns an abstract concept into a living, breathing human being and a real issue for their own lives. “After you came to our school,” one student wrote to John, “I went home and talked to my mom about AIDS. I found out that my uncle is HIV positive, and I didn’t even know. Thank you for talking to us about it.”


Since our inception, CAP has been encouraging everyone to get an HIV test and learn their status. In 2011, we launched Testing4All, a donation-based rapid HIV testing program that provides HIV testing to anybody regardless of ability to pay or HIV risk. We had no idea it would spark other AIDS Service Organizations across the nation to kick off similar programs. We just knew it was a good idea to open a comfortable, nonjudgmental place for people of all genders and sexual orientations to go for HIV testing and risk-reduction counseling. This program has been highly successful in diagnosing new positives and linking them to the HIV care they need. After CAP’s presentation on Testing4All at the U.S. Conference on AIDS in September 2013, representatives of several organizations sought our advice on starting their own open-testing programs.

Testing Together

Always on the lookout for new ways to encourage HIV testing, this year CAP began testing couples together. Testing Together is about a lot more than simply administering two HIV tests. In couples testing, one of CAP’s three Testing Together certified counselors facilitates a conversation about risk and protection because having open and honest conversations about sex is a great way to protect your partner and yourself. Sero-discordant couples or those who don’t know their status can call anytime for a Testing Together appointment.

Housing & Support Services
By The Numbers

  • $1,177,808 went directly to 804 individual households for rent, utilities, and emergency assistance.
  • 2,292 people received some type of support services, including housing, employment counseling, referrals, and continuing education.
  • 60 people living with HIV took part in three events and monthly educational outreach for Positive Force, a group by and for HIV positive people.
  • 115 people received employment counseling and assistance through Working Choices, 37 of whom got jobs.
  • 37 Latinos and African Americans with significant needs took part in the Minority AIDS Initiative, 96% of whom CAP engaged in medical care.
  • 103 at-risk people living with HIV received navigation services to help them access and manage care from CareLink or related programs.
  • HIV-impacted families, including 110 adults and 71 children, took part in our educational, supportive, and community-building Kids Connection programs. 43 children attended Camp KC, a week-long sleep-away camp at the Oregon Coast.

Camp KC

Camp KC, a week-long outdoor camp full of joy and learning, is the crown jewel in CAP’s Kids Connection portfolio of programs serving families living with HIV/AIDS. Kids participating in archery at Camp KCThe camp is complete with a “Camp Grandpa” who is always ready to read stories to children; a talent show encouraging the kids to sing, dance, and express themselves; and a cheerily decorated office staffed by a pediatric doctor where campers can take their meds. This year, we added an educational nature track where kids could learn about the creatures and plant life thriving around the camp site. As one five-year-old camper told us, “It’s a safe place and I love it!”

CareLink / Navigation Services

Not everyone living with HIV/AIDS is able to manage their health and living situation on their own. For some — especially those who are experiencing mental health or substance abuse issues, or leaving prison or jail — intensive one-on-one help is essential. For these clients, CAP has “navigators” to do everything from accompanying the client to a medical appointment, to taking the bus with them to see a possible new home. CAP, through a partnership with Multnomah County HIV Health Services Center, was selected as one of nine organizations to participate in a “special project of national significance” funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to pair high-needs clients with client navigators.

Community Giving

In FY 2013, the community, through foundations, corporate and individual gifts, and event participation gave more than $1,678,271 in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Some highlights of our efforts are outlined below:

Charitable Check-off

Ten thousand signatures and sheaves of completed forms later, CAP is approved for the charitable check-off on Oregon’s state tax form! Oregon taxpayers dedicated $5,611 to CAP in 2012. The potential for donations through this program is great and will only increase when CAP rotates onto the printed form.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was created to honor those who combine their philanthropic plans and estate planning goals to express their commitment to ending the AIDS pandemic. There are many ways to do this. Some have named CAP in their will. Others have named us as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, or charitable trust. A variety of options exist. Gifts of all sizes are welcome, and every gift helps. Six donors were inducted into the Legacy Society in 2013.

Laura Bancroft
Terry Bean
Neesie Doss
Dave Eckert
Foy Renfro
Robbie Sherwin
Michael Sorensen
Jonathan Stokes
Kathyn Vaughn
Charles Washington

Members in Memoriam:
Kathy Behrend
Frank  Biesinger, Jr.
Charles  Holzer

Each year, CAP holds a Legacy Society Event, inviting current and potential members to a social hour and pinning ceremony. If you are interested in learning more, go to cascadeaids.org/legacy.

AIDS Walk Portland

Aids Walk Portland 2013AIDS Walk Portland brings together individuals, teams, and volunteers with the goal of raising much-needed funds for HIV/AIDS services, public education and outreach to those most at risk of contracting HIV. A 2.5-mile walk through Portland showcases community spirit as people from all walks of life come together to play a central role in the success of one of the most recognizable and respected AIDS fundraising events in the Pacific Northwest.

The Walk’s mission is to increase awareness, fight stigma, and educate the community that HIV has not gone away, and the number of those infected in Oregon and SW Washington remains steady.

In 2012, nearly 10,000 walkers joined the walk, and more than $550,000 was raised–$95,000 above our goal. Walkers enjoyed breakfast, music, entertainment, the Kids’ Corner (arts and crafts, face painting, prizes, and balloons), and inspirational presentations from community leaders.

Please join us for the 28th AIDS Walk Portland on Saturday, September 6, 2014, at our new location: The Fields Neighborhood Park.


CAP Art Auction

Every year since 1990, CAP has hosted an art auction and party to raise money to serve the agency’s mission. The 2013 auction was particularly moving. We were in awe of the generous support shown by all—the evening raised more than $600,000.

Portland’s art community first organized this iconic event, and it remains the backbone of the Art Auction today. The event has grown over the past two decades, now encompassing more than 200 works of art and 1,200 guests.

Thanks to the arts community ­— and the generous support of people like you — this event accounts for more than 10% of CAP’s annual budget. Your support helps CAP to prevent HIV infections, support and empower people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, and eliminate HIV/AIDS-related stigma.

Mark your calendars now for the 25th Annual CAP Art Auction on Saturday, May 3rd, when we do it all again at the Historic Memorial Coliseum.


Board of Directors

Charles Washington
Term: 2009 – Present
Fred Meyer Stores Inc.
President FY 2014
Vice – President FY 2013

Jacqueline Yerby
Term: 2008 – Present
Cambia Health Solutions
President FY 2013

Warren Jimenez
Term: 2011 – Present
Portland Parks & Recreation
Vice – President FY 2014
Secretary FY 2013

Mark Clift
Term: 2011 – Present
McDonald Jacobs, PC
Treasurer FY 2014 & 2013

Robert Lusk, MD
Term: 2009 – Present
Providence Health & Services
Secretary FY 2014

Kurt Beadell
Term: 2011 – Present
Vibrant Table Catering & Events

Elise Brickner – Schulz
Term: 2012 – Present
Miller Nash LLP

M. Lamar Bryant, Jr., MD
Term: 2010 – Present
The Vancouver Clinic

Michael Giavanti
Term: 2012 – Present
Wells Fargo

Robert Goman
Term: 2011 – Present
NIKE, Inc.

Dr. Nancy Haigwood
Term: 2011 – Present
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Jennifer Jako
Term: 2009 – Present
Fix Studio

Maria Rojo de Steffey
Term: 2010 – Present
ALMAR Contracting LLC

Susan M. Svetkey
Term: 2012 – Present
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Brian Wong, MD
Term: 2010 – Present
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Jody A. Wrigley
Term: 2012 – Present
J Wrigley Vineyards and Winery

Ron Young
Term: 2010 – Present
Community Volunteer

Board of Advisors

Terry Bean
Bean Investment Real Estate

Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey Restaurants

Andy Davis
Davis Business Centers

Sho Dozono
Azumano Travel

The Honorable Avel Gordly

Craig Hartzman
Community Volunteer

Tom Imeson
Port of Portland

Roy Jay
African American Chamber of Commerce

Thomas M. Lauderdale
Pink Martini

Kathleen Lewis
Community Volunteer

Gary Maffei
Merlo Corporation

Tony Melaragno
Legacy Hospital

Jeff Miller
Travel Portland

Linda Hornbuckle
Multnomah County Health Department 

Governor Barbara Roberts


“The more things change, the more they stay the same,”
the old saying goes.

Not at Cascade AIDS Project. Here, as the landscape of funding, healthcare, and even HIV itself has changed, we’ve remained nimble in our ability to adapt to new challenges and anticipate others.

But one thing has remained resolutely the same: our drive to prevent HIV infections, support and empower people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, and eliminate HIV/AIDS-related stigma.

This year, Cover Oregon changed the face of healthcare for many of CAP’s clients. We responded with a team of staff ready to lead them, one-on-one, through the insurance maze to help them find coverage that best matches their special needs.

As more and more people came to us seeking help with housing, we created a walk-in Client Service Center to efficiently assist with many of the referrals and forms clients need, leaving case workers free to dig into more complicated cases.

Recognizing that the first step to halting the HIV pandemic is testing, we intensively trained a team of volunteer HIV testers to complement our in-house testers, allowing us to extend our reach. We also launched Couples Testing, not only so that couples can test together, but to help them talk about sexual risk and their future relationship.

CAP’s programs continue to set a national standard. This year, we were invited to present both Testing4All and Working Choices at the U.S. Conference on AIDS. Since Testing4All’s inception, a number of agencies across the country have been looking into adopting this pioneering testing program. Working Choices was also praised as an innovative and cost effective way to get people living with HIV/AIDS back to work.

In the face of change, CAP has responded with thought, strength, and—always—great passion.

That’s why we are so proud to present the agency’s accomplishments – as well as the stories of some of the lives CAP has touched – for fiscal year 2013.


Charles Washington's Signature

Charles Washington
Chair, Board of Directors


Mary Marshall
Interim Executive Director


Housing & Support Services

Amanda Hurley – Director of Housing Services
Erin Nortrup – Director of Support Services
Kristi House – Manager of Housing Services
Adam Kutrumbos – Manager of Service Navigation
Heather Salek – Manager of Employment Services
Rob Smith – Manager of Client Orientation & Engagement
Erik Bergloff – Warehouse Coordinator
Maricela Berumen – MAI Latino Services Navigator
Kelly Brittan – Cover Oregon Application Assister
Katy Byrtus – Job Development Assistant
Dan Craddock – Housing Case Manager
Maurice Evans – CareLink Services Navigator
Zachary Helm – Cover Oregon Application Assister
Faith Henion – CareLink Services Navigator
Bevan Hurd – Housing Case Manager
Dan Jones – (Cascadia) Mental Health Therapist
Carl Kapocias – Bilingual Housing Case Manager
Jenna Kivanc – Contract & Data Support Specialist
Tricia McClendon – MAI African American Services Navigator
Sara McCrimmon – Kids Connection Specialist
Pedro Ortega – Bilingual Case Manager
Gloria Ramirez – Mental Health Peer Mentor / Support Services Specialist
Jace Richard – Mental Health Peer Mentor / Youth HIV Specialist
Carlton Rounds – CareLink Services Navigator
Shyle Ruder – Positive Directions Coordinator
Chris Stenken – CareLink Client Advocate
Hanna Taffesse – Housing Case Manager
Nicki Turk – Bilingual Housing & Support Services Coordinator
Alexandra Vitale – Bilingual Housing Case Worker
Tiffany White – Youth & Family HIV Coordinator

Volunteer Resources

Judith Rizzio – Manager of Volunteer Resources
Marc Kochanski – Volunteer Coordinator

Prevention & Education Department

Michael Anderson-Nathe – Director of Prevention & Education Services
Josh Ferrer – Manager of Prevention Services (Washington & Clackamas Co.)
Alaiyo Foster – Manager of Education Services
Michael LaClair – Manager of Prevention Services
Kyle Ashby – Community Engagement Specialist (Pivot)
Claire Backenstow – Oregon HIV/STD Hotline Coordinator
Mary Berghaus – Research & Evaluation Specialist
Benjamin Gerritz – Prevention with Positives Coordinator
Cree Gordon – Outreach Coordinator
Kiera Hansen – Youth HIV Educator
Boone Kizer – Bilingual HIV Prevention Specialist
Fallon Kraxberger – HIV Prevention Specialist
Vanessa LaTorre – Youth HIV Education Coordinator
Alex Laugen – Clark County Application Assister & Outreach Specialist
Letty Martinez – HIV Prevention Specialist
Edgar Mendez – Youth Technology Specialist
Austin Minnieweather – HIV Prevention Specialist (Communities of Color)
Jaxon Mitchell – HIV Prevention Specialist
John Motter – Speakers Bureau Coordinator (intern)
Daniel Schollaert – HIV Prevention Specialist (Clark County)
Joseph Sedillo – HIV Testing Coordinator


Peter Parisot – Director of Development & Communications
Angela Sanders – Grants Coordinator
Andrew Shayde – Special Events Coordinator
Jonathan Stokes – Development Specialist
Bekah Telew – Donor & Prospect Research Assistant

Finance & Operations / Administration

Mary Marshall – Director of Finance & Operations / Interim Executive Director
Chris Kramer – Senior Staff Accountant
Justin Parret – Office Manager
Eva Hoffman – Receptionist / Data Entry Clerk
Eowyn West – Executive Assistant


Programs and events like the Oregon HIV/AIDS Hotline and AIDS Walk Portland could not exist without our volunteers and interns.

  • 665 volunteers gave 24,132 hours of service valued at over $600,000.
  • Interns in Development, Support Services, Prevention and Education gave over 5,000 hours of time.
  • CAP continues to attract a diverse volunteer program. Thirty-one percent come from communities of color; 55% identify as gay, bisexual or queer; and 10 individuals identify as transgender.

Volunteers with over 250 hours of service:

Drew Aguilera
Michelle Alonzo
Blayne Amson
Stephen Arnold
Nicole Barton
Bridget Bassett
Nakila Boyd
Amy Caplan
Jared Cassel
Terence Coleman
Kevin Cook
Jack Cunningham
John Davis
Michael Dollowitch
Steve Earp
Shawn Patrick Finnerty
Gloria Foon
C-J. Ford
Maisha Foster-O’Neal
Sarah Freeman
Eric Garcia
Brian Gilbert
Allen Giles
Virginia Hackenbruck
Mary Hendricks
Barri Hinkson
Paul Homan
Gene Hornof
Dale Hottle
Carol Kimball
Eric Kingsbury
Noah Kling
Eric Lancaster
Lesley Lathrop
Shari McLaughlin
Jesse Meida
Gabriel Mendez
Guy Michelson
Roger Mitchell
John Motter
Frederick Olson
Matthew Ossont
Susan Overcast
Michael Owens
Zoey Owens
Jared Pierce
Carlos Quezada
Liz Rabiner Lippoff
Foy Renfro
Maria Rojo de Steffey
Scooter Ruben
Trevor Scott
Scott Stafford
Bekah Telew
Jordan Telles
Michael Thier-Hawke
Patri Thompson
Grace Van Ness
Charles Washington
Jackie Yerby


2013 CAP Aids Fiscal Summary


$20,000 & Above

Alpha Broadcasting
Estate of Kathleen M. Behrend
Chevron Corporation
Hedinger Family Foundation
LANpro Solutions LLC
Macy’s Inc.
Ray Hickey Foundation
Stoel Rives LLP
The Collins Foundation
United Way of the Columbia-Willamette

$10,000 to $19,999

Anglin Creative Group
Christopher Bailey and Dr. Robert Lusk
Bling Dental
Brilliant Media, LLC
Ann and Mark Edlen
Fred Meyer Stores, Inc.
Robert Goman
Linda Rae Hickey
Heather and Tod Killough
Kevin Komos
Hilary Krane
Nordstrom, Inc.
NW Natural
OHSU Foundation
Portland Arena Management
Steinfeld Family Fund of the
Oregon Community Foundation
The Standard
Tomasi Salyer Baroway
U.S. Bank
ViiV Healthcare
Wells Fargo
Yamhill Valley Vineyards

$5,000 to $9,999

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Estate of Frank and Natalie Biesinger
Mark Bradshaw
Lamar Bryant and Ty Stober
William Carter and Jeff Miller
BJ Cavnor
Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center
Vicky Cropley
Departure Restaurant + Lounge
Noreen Edlen and Andrew Palmer
Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
Equity Foundation
FamilyCare Inc.
Al Glowasky
Paul Hempel and Bruce Newman
Ann Hudner
IBM Corporation
Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon
J. Wrigley Vineyard
Darrell Jones
Kaiser Permanente
Miller Nash LLP
Patrick and Heidi O’Neill
OnPoint Community Credit Union
Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition
Pfizer Inc.
Portland Children’s Levy
Scandals Lounge & Restaurant, Inc.
Lisa Schroeder
J. Daniel Steffey and Maria Rojo De Steffey
Mark and Michelle Stell
Stimson Lumber Company
Robert Swanson
Union Bank
Marc Walters
Scott Werner
Dr. Brian and Susan Wong

$2,500 to $4,999

Alaska Airlines
Dave & Courtney Angeli
Thomas Barreto & Brian Sinclair
Jason Bell
Ed Bonilla
Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan, LLP (BAAS)
Robin Castro & John Halseth
CC Slaughters
Coaxis, Inc.
Combined Federal Campaign
David Cone
Bill Dickey & David Wagner
Ellis Northwest, LLC
Food in Bloom
Mitchell Freifeld
Lawrence Furnstahl
Jesse & Vicki Gamez
Brian & Jennifer Gerritz
Nancy L. Haigwood & Andy McNiece
Calvin Harrison & Cal Sims
Dale Hottle
Stephen Houze & Susan Svetkey
Jason Hyde & Chris Lordino
ICF Consulting Group, Inc.
Impac Foundation
JetBlue Airlines
Warren & Katherine Jimenez
Juan Young Trust
Erik Kilgore & Jared Pierce
John Lusk
Mary McCarty & Lieselotte Zorn
Thomas McHugh
Shari Mclaughlin & Alfred Nurnberger
Dan Medin
Meyer Projection Systems
Joe Monteil & Mike Ryan
John Motter
Eduardo Mulero
Elizabeth Murphy
Thu Nguyen
OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation
Pernod-Ricard USA
Jim Prichard
John Rodecker
Terri & Dan Roth
David Schell & Dana Sullivan
Brandi Schnitzer
Dr. Eric & Andrew Shayde
Melissa Shiffer
The Autzen Foundation
Dennis & Carol Warneke
Daniel Webert
Lance Welch
Teresa Wilde
Willamette Week
Jacqueline Yerby
Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Inn

$1,000 to $2,499

Robert Abbott
Ancient Cellars
Mark and Cindy Anderson
Tonya and Ron Anglin
Nancy Arko
Jim Armstrong
Flavia Arsenault and Adonya Ourshalimian
Background Investigations, Inc.
Ball Janik LLP
Laura Bancroft
Casey Bass
Kurt Beadell
Dr. Gregory Beagle
J. David and Bonnie Bennett
Ruth Bentley
Yoni Berkman
Bert Berney
Berts BBQ Chuck Wagon
Wendell and Kristy Birkland
Sally Bixby and Wayne Miya
Christina Blackwell
Karma Bohon
Craig Boretz
Tom and Lisa Brenneke
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Steve and Megan Brown
Jon Buffington and Philip Smith
Heather Buss and Catherine Cooney
Butters Gallery
Amy and Michael Caplan
Michael J. Carlson
Ann Carstensen
Yoshua Casey
Eric Castle and Joanne Luzietti
Central Drug
Clear Channel Outdoor
Dwain Clifford
Mark Clift
Brooks Cofield
Coleman Vineyard
Columbia Collection Service, Inc.
Darryl Conser
Alan Corwin
John Crawford and Jody Stahancyk
Cupcake Jones
Melanie C. Davis and Gabriela Kandziora
Christian Dekmar and Chris Kramer
Michael Dollowitch and Eric Garcia
Sheldon Donig
Franci and Paul Duden
Saville Easley
Mark and Laurie Engberg
Cynthia Escamilla
Lee Faver and Emile Netzhammer
Dr. Raymond Frye
David Garrett
Susan Gerritz
Michael Giavanti and Kevin Goad
Green Drop Garage
Jeff Hamm
Harrower Tax Services LLC
Quinton Hawks and Michael Sauer
Januth Hayashi
Tim Heilman
Jeannette Heinz and Greg Roderick
Justin Higa, Psy.D.
Hobo’s Restaurant
Derek Holmgren and Michael Traylor
Annie Hoot
Horne Audio, Inc.
Hotel Monaco
Patricia Jamison
Java Jacket
David Johnson
Chester Jones
JP Morgan Chase
Allan Karsk
Roy Douglas Keeney
KeyBank of Oregon
Elizabeth Kramer
Eva Kripalani and Ken Warren
Krispy Kreme – Beaverton
Krispy Kreme – Clackamas
Krispy Kreme – Clark County
Paul Krouss
Brandi and Dan Kyle
Joseph Lindquist and John Mcvea
Marcus Lintner and Gary Maffei
David Lippoff and Liz Rabiner Lippoff
David Magilke and Butch Williams
Molly and Rodney Malone
Robert J. and Alazar Manning
David Mansoor and Preston Peterson
Andi and Herman Marenstein
Tracy and Kim Marks
Mary and Wells Marshall
Sean McCluskey
McDonald Jacobs PC
McMenamins Pubs and Breweries
Mother’s Bistro & Bar
William Motter
Gary Nelson and Minh Tran
New Belgium Brewing Co.
Dana and Long Nguyen
Dan Northrup
Barbara and Roland Paanakker
Pacific Scooters, LLC
Marc Panet-Raymond
Bonnie and James Pavel
Pediatrics Associates of the Northwest
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Piece of Cake
Portland Community College
Portland Integrated Health and Sports Medicine
Portland Netrippers Football Club
Portland Trail Blazers
Mike Potter
Providence Health & Services
Reed Institute
Denny Richard
Sabrina Rockovitz
Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
Joan and Thomas Ryan
Safeway – Pearl
Saint Cupcake
Salt and Straw
Marcelo Santibanez and Glen Ulmer
Karen Schartman
Robert and Elanna Schlichting
Simpatica Catering & Dining Hall
Jim Smith
Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc.
Renee Spears
Stahancyk, Kent & Hook P.C.
Jonathan Stokes
Team Portland Tennis Association
The Jackson Foundation
The Original: A Dinerant
The Vancouver Clinic
The Xtabay
Three Degrees
Paul Tibbits
Faith Underwood
Benjamin Vasquez
Welder Vasquez
Vibrant Table Catering
Vigor Industrial LLC
Virginia Cafe
VX Vineyard
Tim Walters
Gina Warren
Charles Washington
Mark Weinmeister
Jacqueline E. Wells
Sarah and Patrick West
West Cafe
Whale Watcher House
Wildwood Restaurant & Bar
Wilf’s Restaurant
Amy Williams
John and Jody Wrigley
Jeremy Young
JR Young
Gregory Zerwekh

$500 to $999

Susan Abdalla
Dwight Adkins and Robert Speltz
Kent Ailes
Ben and Michael Anderson-Nathe
Greg Baumgardner
Jeannine Beatrice
David Behrend and Steven Mills
Marjorie Bell
Steven Benavides and Michael Rueb
Benefit Auctions 360, LLC
Robert Bethge
Elizabeth Biddy and Rob Wolf
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Joshua Billeter and Jennifer Yocom
Blackout Leather Productions Of OR
Brent Blackwell
Body Shop Skin & Hair Care – Pioneer Place
Michael Bonham
Wendy Boso and Ryan Kunzer
Elise and Gary Brickner-Schulz
Olinka Broadfoot
Reuben Broadfoot
Paul and Shelly Buchanan
Bustos Media, LLC
Bill Butcher and Craig Thomsen
Cambia Health Solutions
Patrick and Mike Campbell
Capital Pacific Bank
Lon Carlson
Tim Carlson
Donna and Alice Chang
Daniel Chatman
City of Portland
Mark Coleman
Richard Colman
Community Health Charities of Oregon
Brian Conaghan
Kerry Corbet
Meghan Cozine
Craft Brewers Alliance, Inc
Kate Crawford
Levi Crisp and Michael Sorensen
Darcelle XV Showplace
Taylor Dayne
Justin and Marisol Delaney
Erin Dengerink
Devan Deuel
Jeffrey Dickey and Brian Wilson
Dignity Memorial
Laura Distefano and Ellen Pierce
Hugh Donnelly and Mike Fredrickson
Joe Dressman and Peter Singson
Rennie Dunn
Elephant’s Delicatessen
Bonnie and Scott Elliott
Rob Elliott
Lauren Eulau and Paul Schneider
Bryce Evans
Wes Evans
L Fallon-Burns
Julia Felsman
Shawn Ferguson
William Fish and Edward Reeves
Larry and Christine Fong
Lisa Francolini and Bev Wells
Charles Frasier and Rick Taylor
Brian Fritzen and Dr. Albert Chaffin
CJ Gabbe and Brandon Sprague
John Gadon
Valerie Gall
James Galloway
Frank and Leslie Garcia
Greg and Heather Gerritz
Benjamin Gerritz and Luis Torres
William Gilliland
Eddie Glenn
Rosalie Goodman
Goodwill Industries
Gary W. Goodwin
Peter and Barbara Gottschalk
Green Card Salsa
Michael Grochau and David Woosley
Andrew and Harriet Guthrie
Felisa Hagins
Carl Halvorson
Jeffrey Hamburger
Susanne Hashim and Tom Manley
Liana Hategan, MD
Jason Hays and Sean Jenkins
Natalie and Brent Hocken
Scott Huotari
Bevan Hurd and Donna Ramsey
Amanda Hurley and Robert Sjullie
Andy Jamison-LeGere and Bruce Valley
Dale and Chan Johannes
Brian Johnson
Radfield Justice
Stanley and Joanne Kaplan
Daniel and Lynn Kaplan
Michael Kaplan
John Kennedy
Lani Kirby
Josh Kletzkin
David and Heidi Kortt
Steve and Linda LaCesa
Eric Lancaster
Lori and James Latham
Brenda Lee
James Lien
James Lindquist and Eric Sandstrom
Lori Livingston
Lynn Longfellow
Donna Loveland
Ivy Lumpkin
MAC Cosmetics
Loren MacNeil
Mama Mia’s Trattoria
Vincent Manalo
Randy Mannen and Darryl Saunders
Brian Markey
Brendan Martin
Sheila Martin
Carol Mason and Kathleen Saadat
Carol Mayhew
Eric and Sara McAfee
Amy Mccormick
James E. McDonald and Johnny Walker
Deborah McGrath and Anna Wilson
Microsoft Corporation
Adam Miller
Lindsay and Kevin Murphy
Terri Naito
Steve and Julie Nardi
Sandra and Don Neubaum
Northwest Auction Support
OCF Rosenberg Family Fund
Oven and Shaker
PacificSource Health Plans
Kathryn S Page
Paragon Restaurant
Peter Parisot
Eunice Parsons
William Patton
Paul Mitchell of Portland
Jeffrey and Rebecca Pawlowski
Sandra Peterson
Scott Philips
Zora Phoenix
Andrew Picard
Scott Porritt
Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Portland General Electric (PGE)
Portland Leather Alliance
Portland State University
Rosemary Ragusa
Jack Rann
Redwing Bar & Grill
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
Foy Renfro
Richard & Mary Rosenberg Charitable Foundation
Jack Rickli
Edward Riley
Leslie and Stephen Robinson
Neal Rock
Todd Rosin
Michael R. Sager
Greg and Jennifer Saliba
Emilia Salinas
Kristen Salt
Luis Santos
Josh Sasaki
Nathan Sasaki
Jason Savage
Shifting Perceptions
Brian Shipley
Simatai Public Health Communications
Bernie and Carol Sims
Matthew Spitulski
Ewan Stark
Steam Portland
Bryan Steelman
Greg and Karen Story
Lynne Strasfeld
Diana Stuart
Philip Sweeney
Terry Taylor
Danette Templin
Paul Tew
The Keats Family Foundation
The Matador
Theta Wave Transformations
Shane Throckmorton
Don and Sue Trotter
Herbert Trubo
University of Oregon
Urban Farmer Restaurant
Dr. Donald Valerio
Victory Team Apparel
Haven Ward
Drs. Barbara Wayson and Michael Wyman
West Coast Event Productions
John and Traci Wheeler
Daniel and Debra Wilensky
Emily Wong